Episode #3 – Ruby Came Home

In this episode, Dameon speaks on the Polyglot.NET MeetUp that he attended, and goes a bit into the Ruby language. He also talks about some of the basic parts of a computer program, and what they are used for. The BiT community (Blacks in Technology), CodeSchool, and Codecademy, are also mentioned.

Links to these wonderful tools and sites are here:

Ruby Language

Try Ruby

BiT Community

Code School


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Episode #2 – Where Do We Begin?

In this episode, Dameon talks about the first programming languages he began to learn on his initial trek into coding. He also dabbles in the realm of how programming generally works in his world, and some of the upcoming programming events he is gearing up to participate in.

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Polyglot.NET: 7 Languages in 7 Months Meetup

Hello everyone! I will be attending a Meetup shortly that will introduce the goers to 7 programming languages in 7 months. I am excited about getting a glimpse into the world of these 7 languages, and about the glimpse being presented by people who KNOW the languages. The group is about 30 deep as of today, and I look forward to learning with them all! We’ll be starting with the Ruby language. That was the first language I started to use on my journey into coding, and I am ready to reunite with it!!!

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This is the book required for the Meetup:


Seven Languages in Seven Weeks

Polyglot.NET – 7 Languages in 7 Months