Episode #2 – Where Do We Begin?

In this episode, Dameon talks about the first programming languages he began to learn on his initial trek into coding. He also dabbles in the realm of how programming generally works in his world, and some of the upcoming programming events he is gearing up to participate in.

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Polyglot.NET: 7 Languages in 7 Months Meetup

Hello everyone! I will be attending a Meetup shortly that will introduce the goers to 7 programming languages in 7 months. I am excited about getting a glimpse into the world of these 7 languages, and about the glimpse being presented by people who KNOW the languages. The group is about 30 deep as of today, and I look forward to learning with them all! We’ll be starting with the Ruby language. That was the first language I started to use on my journey into coding, and I am ready to reunite with it!!!

Stay tuned for more information about the experience on The Brown Coder Podcast

This is the book required for the Meetup:


Seven Languages in Seven Weeks

Polyglot.NET – 7 Languages in 7 Months

Episode #2 – The Brown Coder Podcast: Available Monday, September 26th 2016

The next episode of The Brown Coder Podcast is finished and will be available for listening on Monday September 26th…This week I will be attending some Meetups in the greater RTP area, and I look forward to discussing what groups I’m part of, and the technologies I am currently learning in each group, . Hopefully, I can see some of you at a Meetup in the future.

Episode #1 – Humble Beginnings

In this episode, Dameon explains how he began his journey into technology, how he sees the landscape for brown people in technology, and the overall purpose of doing the show.


The Brown Coder Podcast: Introduction…

I will be releasing a podcast entitled “The Brown Coder Podcast”. I’m excited about creating a podcast that I think will give those thinking about coding some insight into the life of a student. The show will also provide beginners with some simple tips and suggestions as it pertains to programming languages, tools, and the like. Look for the official first episode soon…

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Purpose ?

Today, I would like to bring you on a journey. Through the trials and tribulations of a man in seek of knowledge. Knowledge of something thought impossible by many, and boring by others. The reaction I overwhelmingly received from the people around me was that “eyebrow raised” “oohhh, ok!” I didn’t know how to take the at first, but after a while, I realized what it meant. It meant that “I don’t know how to respond to that”.  Continue reading “Purpose ?”

Hello World!

Hello World, as they say in the coding world! Welcome to my blog, The Brown Coder. I go by the name The Brown Coder because I feel the need to emphasize my heritage, and my second ultimate goal: (the first one will be discussed in a future post) Bringing brown people into the world of code. I am on that journey as well. Therefore, I will utilize my talents, and my remaining energy after the workday to enhance the lives of brown people and anyone else who sees benefit in what I do. Thanks, and stay tuned…