Purpose ?

Today, I would like to bring you on a journey. Through the trials and tribulations of a man in seek of knowledge. Knowledge of something thought impossible by many, and boring by others. The reaction I overwhelmingly received from the people around me was that “eyebrow raised” “oohhh, ok!” I didn’t know how to take the at first, but after a while, I realized what it meant. It meant that “I don’t know how to respond to that”. 

The truth is, many people are disinterested in programming languages, databases, the cloud, or any other aspect of computer science. Most just want to surf the Web on their iPhone, Tweet, Snapchat, Instagram, and Meetup at their own leisurely pace. I get it, but I have a thirst for how these things work. I have been a scientist in my mind for my entire life.

I have been interested in changing the world for as long as I could remember. I wanted to be a garbage man when I was 6 for God’s sake! I saw a segment on sanitation while watching Sesame Street back in the 80’s, and that made me want to make a difference in the environmental world. While I was in elementary school, I had my mind set on being a chemist. I would imagine myself mixing potions and creating something that my peers would delight in. I never once questioned my abilities, or felt a way about my upbringing (poor). I had a focus. I knew it would come to pass one day.

After the many events that have shaped and molded the man here before you (figuratively of course), I have finally come to a point of focus again. I am here to share my journey into the world of development, and to bring along with me whosoever shall grip my pant leg and hang on for dear life. The true purpose of the brown coder experience is for me to complete my dream of changing the world. If this is only in some mediocre way to outsiders, it won’t matter. This is because it will be astronomical therapy for my soul. I will shed light on things a bit more later on , but for now, stay tuned…


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